AFTERA new hardscape patio organizes the space neatly, creating living areas.

AFTERA gas fire table makes a cozy area for cool nights.

AFTERA paved area creates a new eating and gathering space.

AFTERExisting fence is now a warmer color; new seating is added to a concrete planter.

AFTERThe planters and the dining table with umbrella create a formal space.

AFTERA cooling fountain is the focus of the seating area, adding sound and changing light.

AFTERThe planters provide definition to the beds behind.

AFTERA color wall in the distance provides a striking contrast to the natural colors.

AFTERThe formality of the seating areas is surrounded by more natural spaces.

BEFOREThis contemporary house had tired plantings and a deck in need of repair.

BEFOREAn oversized cherry was showing signs of disease and damage.

BEFOREBuilt in diagonal planters with seating were not compatible for this style of home.

BEFOREForgotton plants and storage marred the corners.

BEFOREThe seating was disintegrating and the plants encroaching.