AFTERThe front entry has been renewed with colorful plantings, new fencing.

AFTERA stone retaining wall organizes the front yard.

AFTERNew neat beds give excitement to the entryway.

AFTERThe new fence provides just the right amount of privacy for the yard area.

AFTERThe stone wall neatly compliments this traditional home.

AFTERPlantings to the left of the front door.

AFTERBeds full of colorful flowers greet pedestrians every season.

AFTERThe patio has a beautiful new bluestone surface and updated furnishings.

AFTERA renovated lawn and colorful plantings liven the view off the patio.

AFTERThe new fence provides privacy and a beautiful backdrop for the new beds.

AFTERA copper rain chain is a lovely sculptural element replacing a downspout.

AFTERThere is new life in the beds.

AFTERThe new rain chain turns a rainstorm into captivating entertainment.

AFTERThe dining area is attached to the side deck.

AFTERThe dining area was built as an extension of the covered patio.

AFTERNew plantings have added texture to the beds.

AFTERThe hybrid Japanese maple provides brilliant color for spring, summer and fall.

BEFOREThis traditional house had disordered plantings and a collapsing fence.

BEFOREThe old fence took over the front of the house.

BEFOREThe plantings had the upper hand, overwhelming the house.

BEFOREThe play area to the left of the house.

BEFOREAt the side of the house was a dated red-tile covered patio.

BEFOREThe patio looked out onto a disintegrating fence and overgrown plants.

BEFOREA close-up of the failing fence.

BEFOREToward the back of the house was an unused utility area with broken downspout.

BEFOREThe side fence in need of replacement.