AFTERThe front entry has been transformed and is much more inviting.

AFTERThe beds are organized and the appropriate plants are in place.

AFTERA neat gravel walk separates the front beds from the house.

AFTERFlowering plants now line the front porch.

AFTERThese shrubs add color and will stay the right size.

AFTERThese beds along the front of the house welcome visitors.

AFTERThe driveway is now bordered by appropriate plantings and new color.

AFTERThe rear entrance and landing is now private with a fenced yard for the pets.

AFTERA lattice and formal gate now define the yard and separate it from the drive.

AFTERThe garage is now part of the backyard, visually connected with a lattice.

AFTERNew color and growth in the quiet backyard.

AFTERA garden bench and colorful container are the new focal point of the yard.

AFTERThe gate and lattice keep the cars and driveway separate from the backyard.

AFTERA perfect place for a planter box.

AFTERThe new lattice trellises on garage, gate, and house integrate and unify the design.

BEFOREThis recently-built craftsman-style house had been landscaped without a plan.

BEFOREMany plants had grown too large for their places.

BEFOREThese plants had taken over the front steps.

BEFOREThese piers looked out of place and irrelevant.

BEFOREThe driveway had plants growing too high, blocking the house.

BEFOREThis doorway at the back of the house led out to an unused yard and garage area

BEFOREThere was a small patio, but it lacked definition.

BEFOREThe garage stood alone, visually detached from the house.

BEFOREThe cars were visible from the back yard and seating area.

BEFOREThere was no separation from the neighbors at the back of the house.