AFTERThe colorful bed around the Douglas fir visually anchors it to the front yard.

AFTERThere is a profusion of color and natural stones to liven up the front beds.

AFTERThe flowers welcome guests to this beautiful home.

AFTERThe Yakushima Rhododendron adds wonderful spring color.

AFTERThe new mix of stones, textures and plant heights add interest to the entrance.

AFTERThe homeowners selected these handsome planters to complete their entryway.

AFTERPlants ranging from high to low help tie the giant tree into the landscape.

AFTERNew colors and textures enhance the beautiful woodwork of this home.

AFTERThese flowers give the house a country feel.

AFTERInvasive ivy is now gone, replaced with evergreens, flowering shrubs and bulbs.

AFTERA mixture of new textures in the beds.

AFTERThe beds to the right of the front entry now have a 'low to high' variation.

AFTERNew plantings have brought the country to the city.

BEFOREA large tree dominates this house and the plantings have taken over.

BEFOREThis tree is a major element in the landscape.

BEFOREThe front entry is a bit empty and forlorn; it needs help.

BEFORETo the right of the house is a side yard full of invasive ivy.

BEFOREThe entry has plantings to the right in need of imagination.

BEFOREThe entry is bare and it is time for a makeover.