AFTERThe house has been freed from its overgrown plantings.

AFTEROrder has been restored; the pathway is opened up and inviting.

AFTERThe house reappears from its former hiding place.

AFTERThere is a sense of order in the beds; new patterns emerge.

AFTERThe orderly beds frame the lawn at the front of the property.

AFTERNew textures of stone, bushes, grasses and flowers.

AFTERNew planters spruce up the deck; plantings no longer cover the railing.

AFTERThe hedge is gone, increasing the curb appeal of the house.

AFTERThe rose garden has been re-designed with new crushed rock pathways.

AFTERPavers lead the way to discover the quiet corners.

BEFOREThis house had many overgrown plantings that hid its beauty.

BEFOREThe house disappeared behind a screen of plantings.

BEFOREAn azalea hedge, overgrown shrubs, and too many trees blocked the house.

BEFOREThe deck was hidden with plants; the beds were overflowing.

BEFOREThe entry was shaded by a tree too close to the house.

BEFOREA damaged and diseased birch would need removal.

BEFOREA hedge blocked the house from view.

BEFOREThis Japanese maple took over the entrance to the property.

BEFOREThe rose garden was forlorn and forgotten.