AFTERA mid century house has been transformed and updated.

AFTERThe varying patterns of the architectually appropriate screen add excitement.

AFTERThe beautiful stone entry walkway has a welcoming curve to the doorway.

AFTERThe screen is integrated into the landscape and architecture.

AFTERThe redesigned fence sets off an espaliered fruit tree.

AFTERPlants give lush texture to the entryway, leading to the formal entry.

AFTERThe plantings follow the pleasant curve of the stone walkway.

AFTERCedar planks add a bold variation to the delicate screen.

AFTERThe beds now include evergreens, grasses and river rock.

AFTERPavers lead the way to the hidden raised bed garden.

AFTERThe bold screen complements the mid century architecture.

BEFOREPlantings tired and overgrown, a dilapidated fence to the right.

BEFOREA large shrub hides the front entrance, curb appeal is lacking.

BEFOREThe bed to the right of the front door has wasted potential.

BEFOREThe front walk is not welcoming; the plantings, not thought out.

BEFOREThe entry area has become a storage area.

BEFOREEntry area plantings lack drama.

BEFOREThe fence needs replacement and a new vision.